Hattie and Tess revisited and a few other things

I spent a few days visiting with my younger daughter’s family in San Francisco and got some photos of my granddaughter in her Hattie and Tess outfit (Patterns from Violette Fields Threads).  I was disappointed that the sleeves were cut on the fold, but there’s enough room in the dress that it doesn’t seem to affect her movement.  I still wish more PDF pattern makers would learn how to properly draft sleeves!  A few more words on these patterns – use the measurement chart!!!  I have to go up one size from ready-to-wear when I use Violette Fields Threads’ patterns.  Luckily, I’d read that their patterns don’t quite go along with a standard size from a retail store before I sewed one.  I am completely sure that if I’d have made my granddaughter’s RTW size, these would have been too small. Anyway, here’s Miss Wavy Belle in her new outfit.   IMG_1567IMG_1578

I couldn’t go to San Francisco without something for my grandson, Mac-a-doodle.  Mac is quite fond of puffins, and when I found this puffin fabric in a wonderful French terry, I knew it was perfect for him.  The pattern I use again, and again for hoodies is a free pattern from Brindille & Twig.  I like everything about this pattern except that it only goes up to a size 5-6.  Mac is now in the largest size, and I make him lots and lots of hoodies.  I have a Minikrea pattern that I like almost as well that goes up to 10 years, but I really like the way the hood is made on this one.  I suppose I could figure out how to do it on the Minikrea pattern, but I’m a see-and-sew kind of person.

My current project is all about Halloween.  I’m making 2 t-shirts for my other two grandsons, Honey Graham and Sweet Cam – they live in Austin, TX, so short-sleeved t-shirts will be much more useful than hoodies.  Wavy Belle is getting another cardigan, and Mac-a-Doodle is getting another hoodie.  All of them are in this completely awesome fabric from FrolleinS.  I definitely over-estimated when I bought this fabric on a pre-order.  I bought 4 yards.  I still have just over 2 yards remaining after cutting out size 3T and 5 t-shirts, a 5-6 hoodie, and a 4T cardigan.


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