And, it’s been a month

If only I’d get into the habit of posting more regularly!  Here’s this month’s sewing.

For my grandson, Graham, a pair of pajamas in size 6.  I just about always use Peekaboo’s Alex and Anna pajama pattern, and I generally go up a size or two, since my grandkids are not fond of the skin-tight, sausage-casing pajamas that are dictated by US law related to fire hazards.  If my grandkids were running around a campfire, I’d rethink this, but they’re not.  I cut out motifs from the pants fabric and appliquéd them onto the top.  That took me at least as long as all the rest of the making.  It’s just not my forte!  In the past, I’d made another grandson a shirt from the Crazy Bird fabric, and I had just enough to use it for these pjs.   This little guy lives in Texas, so his mother requested short sleeves, thank goodness, or that PJ top would have had black sleeves.



Next sewing was for my granddaughter, Waverly.  The pattern I used was Sakura, from the French pattern company, Ikatee.  Luckily, the directions also come in English.   The pattern was very easy, and went together well.  There’s also an option for a dress with the pattern.

I used a double gauze fabric from Gauze Fabric Shop on Etsy.  They have two different lines of double gauze.  I bought a cut of each.  This is their regular double gauze, not the Sunny Saloo line.  I pre-washed and dried it in the machine – good idea, since that brings up the texture and also shrinks it – it shrinks quite a bit, as does every bit of double gauze I’ve ever used.

Embroidery was Bunny In Flower Circle from Embroidery Library.  Machine embroidering is always a challenge for me.  I don’t do it often enough.  I asked a bunch of questions in a machine embroidery group on Facebook, and got some good clues on embroidering on double gauze.  I didn’t want to lose too much of the texture, so I chose a very open design, barely pressed the fabric, and floated a block of fabric on a piece of hooped cutaway, and then cut out the bodice front after it was embroidered.



After that, I tossed together a couple pairs of pants for Mac, my 5 year old grandson.  He and his parents really like this pattern – it’s a drop-crotch style, and I use Minikrea 50333.  They don’t look like drop-crotch on the pattern cover picture, but they’re a moderate drop, not a huge drop like some of the MC Hammer patterns that are out there.  These are quick and easy, and Mac calls them his “comfy pants”.  That makes me smile.  He likes the version with pockets.  What little one doesn’t love pockets, and they’re a super easy version of the incredibly easy basic pattern.  They’re included in the pattern!


Since I was sending him red pants and gray pants, it seemed natural to make something to go with them. (his mother, my daughter, went to undergrad at Ohio State, so they are fans of anything scarlet or gray.  O-H!!)  For this, I prepared by going into my usual pre-embroidery panic.   I downloaded a new embroidery/applique project and again asked for help on Facebook.  I stabilized a piece of knit fabric with some iron-on tricot mesh and then floated it on some hooped tear away.  Yes, I know they always say “If you tear it, don’t wear it.” but I threw caution to the wind, especially since it was all appliquéd with woven fabric.  I did slide a bit of cut-away underneath the light beams, just to be safe.  And after it was all finished, I fused another piece of tricot onto the back of the whole design to cover over the stitching so it would be nice and smooth on the inside.  It all seemed to work out.

Once again, I used a Minikrea pattern for the shirt, pattern 50220.  They are my “always” patterns for basic t-shirts .  If you use them, please remember to add seam allowances to the pattern pieces.

The firetruck appliqué was from Sew Grammie.  As always, I approach machine embroidery with trepidation.  This design stitched out really great!  I only had one boo-boo in the whole thing.  I had the audacity to walk away from my machine, and it always seems to know.  My thread tangled near the spool, and my needle broke.  Luckily, it was an easy fix, and no harm came to my applique/embroidery work.  After it was all finished, I cut out the t-shirt and sewed it together.



I had this fun panel and coordinating fabric mellowing in my stash for at least a year.  I bought it from someone in a Facebook destash, so I don’t even know where it’s from.  The pattern for the top is from George & Ginger, the Mini Swagger Sweater, but sadly it’s no longer available.  The leggings are another Minikrea pattern, #50330.  I’ve been using this pattern for Waverly, who will be 3 years old in a few days, since she was a newborn.  It never fails me!


And last sewing of the month was two hoodies for Mac & Waverly.  Their mother picked this fabric, which I love, and requested zip-front hoodies!  It’s a French Terry from FrolleinS.  The pattern is Hatteras from Hey June.  It’s a nice pattern, and it went together well.  I skipped the front pockets as shown on the pattern and added side seam pockets – an easy thing to do.  The pattern calls for covering the edges of the zipper on the inside with bias tape.  Instead of doing that, I topstitched it, using 2 needles, with my coverstitch machine.  I also did the hood front edge hems with the coverstitch.  Since they were wearing them as jackets, I sized up from their usual sizes 3 and 5 to sizes 4 and 6 – it worked out well.

Here’s my handy sewing hint for doing hood front hems with a coverstitch – turn your differential up a few notches!  That way, you will get a hood front edge that isn’t all wavy and wide and baggy.  The hood front will shape just a bit, and lay so much better when worn.  I have a Babylock BLCS2 coverstitch that is the love of my sewing room life!


Yesterday I cut out a few more things, and hopefully, I’ll post again before December, since this has gotten a bit TL:DR.  Sorry!


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